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Cocos and sour cherry roulade to celebrate “Dragobete’s Day”

Life is just sweeter with sweets, don’t you think?  When you need to celebrate love you will need a  little bit of dessert to do that. In Romania on 24th February we celebrate Dragobete’s Day, which is a Romanian Valentine’s Day. It is a very old Holiday in our country. Dragobete is a kind of Cupid, a beautiful lad who will bring love in your soul and home.

There a lots of traditions things you have to do on Dragobete’s Day to have love all  year around. Girls have to go out with a boy , couples need to kiss , boys need to be nice with the ladies, you are not aloud to cry and many more. It is not so commercial like Valentine’s Day, it is not about presents, is all about facts.



This recipe is a must do for this celebration. Very easy to make and very yummy. Doesn’t take o lot of your time and your baby will love it.


– 600 g biscuits

– 200 ml milk

– 200 g unsalted butter

– 100 g cocos powder

– 8 teaspoon brown powder sugar

– 2 vanilla essence

– 50 g cereals (crunched)

– 3 tablespoons sour cherry jelly




Put the biscuits in a food processor and grind them but not too fine. Warm the milk and then add it to the biscuits and mix it till it looks like a dough.

Put sugar,  butter  and the essence in a bowl and mix a bit. Add the jelly and the cocos at the end.

Get two large pieces of grease proof paper. Put half the biscuit mixture in one piece of paper, spreading it in a rectangular shape Make sure you leave a bit of paper to cover the ends. On top of the biscuits, spread half of the cocos mixture and then half of the cereal. Roll up  in paper so it should be a cylinder shaped. Then cover ends. Repeat with other half mixture.

Put roulades in freezer. Freeze for an hour and a half at least. To serve, remove paper by unrolling and cut into slices, if not using all of roulade put back in freezer till ready to eat. Enjoy!


21 thoughts on “Cocos and sour cherry roulade to celebrate “Dragobete’s Day”

  1. That sounds like such a neat/fun holiday! And this dessert looks delicious. I must say, I’ve never seen something like this before.

  2. Mmmmm wow, this recipe looks….amazing…you are so lucky to “cook without limit…”congrats and keep going§§§. My limit is gluten…thank you for liking my GF Chocolate Brownie!!!!

  3. Very happy to know about your blog! Great pictures, very interesting facts and this dessert just looks delish.

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