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What I learned in the kitchen

I have been blogging for 3 years now and I like it more each day. Food photography is the easy part on the blog. The difficult part is the cooking, because as I always said, I am just at the begging of cooking life. I am happy that I still have my fingers and I… Continue reading What I learned in the kitchen

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Cake with pears for autumn days

Fall is in full swing. I love the cool frost of autumn just until the leaves finish changing and fall, crumpled, at the bottom of the tree. Various shades of bright red and orange leaves take me back to the many months of my childhood years that were spent watching the leaves fall softly, feeling them sweep… Continue reading Cake with pears for autumn days

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Lobster Bisque

Only in recent years have I come to appreciate the sublime joys of seafood. Being born in the middle of land, far away from sea, it is very difficult to have fresh seafood. After working and traveling around the world and coming in contact with seafood recipes, I discovered another amazing food experience. Lobster is… Continue reading Lobster Bisque

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Christmas cooking tips

I start counting the days till Christmas. Yuppy!!! So close! Christmas is a time of celebration and sharing quality time with family and friends.  Time spent in the kitchen preparing food for family and friends is one of the great pleasures in life, especially if you do it all together. - Plan the  menus for… Continue reading Christmas cooking tips