Summer inspiration

It’s been raining for more than a week now. It’s June and it’s cold and rainy and depressing. Bad light for photography, so I just read about photography and work on the old stuff.

Sometimes inspiration comes when you are list expecting. So I take my camera and try to make it happen. Not all the time works, but practice is good for me.

Before the rain started, I had a really bad day. I felt down and disappointed and it felt so wrong. I am not this person, feeling sorry for myself or feeling down, so I took my camera and a bunch of cherries and went outside. Sunny day, around 10 am, so the light was getting strong. Not very good for direct sunlight on my food.

I was listening to this great song Unbreakable – Cristina Balan and I felt inspiration coming.

I took photos of cherries a lot and every year.


I used old metal baking tray, new metal baking tray or vintage cup.


From the cherries in a different bowl, cherries on the table, cherries in the tree or cake I wanted something else.


Some different props, location, something new.

cherry pie


In our shed, I found great light for that time of the day, wooden background, dirty windows a different mood.

So I looked around trying to find different angles and position of the cherries.

I found a plastic rope (a green – blueish color) which went great with the cherries. A plastic basket, a wooden bowl, a metal rusty scissor were more props helping me for this story.


Sometimes I am surprised by the ideas coming my way just being in a new place with interesting objects.

I used natural light with no reflector. I wanted to have strong shadows.

Another setting was on the grass under the trees. And while shooting I had a beautiful small surprise. Just to make my day better.


So I end this with something Ansel Adams said :

“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.”



67 thoughts on “Summer inspiration

  1. This post is very inspirational. I sometimes feel like that , have no ideas for my photos, I get bored of walking round the same place looking for someting to take photos of. Is very frustrating. You do it just rite. You found things around you to make it happen just like Ansel Adams 🙂 i look around me now and all i see is toys from my kids and am bored..arrggg. I think i just used your beautiful post to have a little moan sorry 😁 Your photos are just beautiful btw 🙂

  2. My favourites are the ones in the little baskets with the scissors in the background. I’m not a photographer, myself, but it’s nice to get ideas for my blog. Your post has made me feel like I can have a go. Thanks.

  3. Really glad you liked my teriyaki salmon dish as I now get to follow you and see all your amazing foodie shots! You put my blog pics to shame.

    Love the cherries in the baking tray and vintage cup. The red and black contrast is gorgeous!

  4. Your food photography is great. Like everyone else I love the ladybug. When I get blocked or in the dumps I assign myself a different type of project, like extreme closeup, landscape, seascape, plant leaves, etc. Forget about what the public expects for a day and just shoot for yourself.

  5. I love this post! Cherries are a new favorite for me. I missed out on a lot of cherries growing up, because I didn’t know I liked them… Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos!

  6. Gorgeous photos! It helps me to know that I am not alone in struggling with finding good light for photos sometimes. It is inspiring that you moved around and found some beautiful light and a story to tell. Also, I love the quote from Ansel Adams.

  7. Beautiful photos, love the way you encapsulate what it’s like to have an “off” day. Sometime we need a little inspiration to get through those. Lovely!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your story, both in words and pictures. As one of your other readers said, “Inspirational”! And what a wonderful quotation from Ansel Adams. I did not know he felt that way about his work. #Gratitude

  9. How perfect. I saw cherries in the market today and got some, then came home to your post. I like the shot against the wood. Seems simple at first, then you see the sunlight in the corner and the contrast of the “dull” colors in the wood and alternating color in the cherries. Bad day, great photography.

  10. Beautiful photos. You are right about your tips applying to more than just food photography (I am referring to comments on your “tip” post). I just don’t have the time or patience . . . but your photos show the care you take! So lovely!!!

  11. That little lady bug! What a surprise! Ansel’s words apply to life in general, eh? Your photos are absolutely lovely! One day, I will have time to take time to learn something about photography! For now, I’ll have to be content with my words. Thanks for “liking” my sweet potato recipe. Greetings from USA to Romania.—Terri F

  12. Good for you–you’re a problem-solver! And your shots are lovely. Thanks for stopping by eve’s apple! ~ Marisa (

  13. Love all the variations here. It makes me realize that I am not alone as I hunt thru the house, looking for props and trying different variations until it’s just right – Kat

  14. Very nice post, and I’ve gotten some tips on improving my own skills[minimal at best] in photography. I truly appreciate a beautiful photo, and more than anything else, the beauty lies not in the subject alone but beauty lies in the ‘subjective’ vantage point….especially when it’s food that’s photographed.

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