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Cooking at Home vs. Eating Out. What do you prefer?

I save money and time when I stay home and cook. Also, I eat healthier. But, what do you do when you can’t cook or your cooking is not good?

You keep trying and learn but sometimes are better and healthier eating out.

Cooking at home is a great way to spend with your kids. I involve my son in the process and he loves it. He wants to become a chef so I try to explain to him that he needs to start by helping me in the kitchen.

He loves to go out to restaurants to see how it actually works. In the places that I know the owner or the chef I take him in the kitchen and show him the life of a chef.

We come home and he starts envisioning his restaurant. I love him for his imagination.

Even if I like to cook I prefer eating out. I live in a small town and we have only restaurants that serve food from our area. Even if I go out my menu is limited. I usually have pizza or some food that takes a lot of time to make it.

At home, I cook healthier so when I go out I indulge myself with food that normally I don’t eat. I miss living in a big city. When I was living in London I use to love going out even it was very expensive. I will take my friends and go to Asian restaurants, Italian or try something new.

Camden Town market is a perfect spot to eat out. You have so many things to choose from.

What do you prefer?

86 thoughts on “Cooking at Home vs. Eating Out. What do you prefer?

  1. I feel like I save so much time when eating out, but it’s super-expensive, especially if I want to go for the healthier and tastier options, so most of the time it’s home-cooking for me.

  2. Trying again since (despite just editing my own scheduled WP post, I was told I had to be logged in to comment… say WHUT?!)

    I generally like dining in. Control. Less expense. But I do keep things simple for less hassle (and yes, ox simple beast…) Though going out once in a while is good. Partly as simple as “get out of Dodge” change of pace, partly to have stuff I might not care to make myself or even wouldn’t consider making myself. And also, at times, “I’m just done. Let someone else do the work this time.” applies.

  3. My wife and I would love to cook more at home but sometimes life can get so hectic that eating out is the most convenient option and we wish it wasn’t so because it can get pretty expensive, especially in the long run.

    We need to make more time for prepping and cooking meals at home. Let’s try that this year! Lol

  4. Hi! We prefer to eat at home when I cook it better at home which is usually the case. It’s very disappointing to go out and spend the money and end up saying to ourselves, I could have made this better at home myself, LOL! So, we try to go out for meals that I don’t make, like Sushi as one example. 🙂

  5. I do a lot of both. I also buy prepared but uncooked foods (like pre-seasoned or pre-marinaded chicken) and cook them at home. We order brunch delivered to us on weekends (dining in is closed for now and we have a child under five, so indoor dining is a no-go for us. Can’t do outdoors since we’re in Toronto and it’s either below freezing or hovering on the freezing mark). We’re big supporters of small/independent restaurants though.

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