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Camera Angles for Your Food Photography

Camera angles are just important as everything else. Choosing the right angle can make your photo more powerful. Also, choosing a camera angle is subjective and personal. It gives an identity to the photographer.

I am trying to visualize my photos before starting to shoot, so I have an idea about my composition and my props.

Straight on

It is great for pancakes stack, desserts with lots of layers, smoothies, sandwiches, burgers, etc. You will need a simple background that will not take the look from your photo.

Top down

The camera is on top of the food and it gives a contemporary look. If you use narrow lenses you can reduce distortion at the edges of the frame.

It gives you a really nice story about your food, about colors and textures. You can shoot wide or tight to get all the props or all the details.

Diner’s angle

Also called three quarters, this is the position you would see a plate of food in front of you if you were sitting at the table. You don’t need to care about the background. You will focus on your food.

Wide angle

It shows a whole dish or the table, a party table, a farmer’s market stall, etc. You can play with colors and textures to emphasize the food. 

Tight Angle

It is personal and close and focuses on the textures and shape of your food.

My advice is to shoot as many angles as you can and then you have a lot of options. Sometimes you get your great photo from an angle you never considered.


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