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Santa’s Dessert

Who needs Santa? I’ve got your wish for delicious Christmas desserts covered.

You just need to trimmed your tree, hung the stockings by the fireplace and hand-wrapped the Christmas presents.


  1. Chocolate and peanut butter BaklavaGAB_5568_mix_res
  2. Baked donuts with chocolateGAB_6921_55
  3. Chocolate cookies for SantaGAB_9986_res_mix
  4. Oreo Dessert

  5. Oven baked French toast with maple syrupGAB_4139_res_mix
  6. Crepe cakeGAB_3022_res_mix
  7. Chocolate cupcakes without sugar and flourgab_6936_res_mix
  8. Raw vegan snickers cakeGAB_5537_res_mix
  9. Raw vegan chocolateraw vegan chocolate
  10. Sugar free chocolate banana breadGAB_5040_res_mix

37 thoughts on “Santa’s Dessert”

  1. As a single guy, I don’t cook much. But recently I have started to cook a bit more, as long as whatever it is is quick, easy and relatively cheap.
    But the first recipe here looks like something I could manage to do.
    Thank you for the idea.

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