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Chocolate Pavlova

Sugar, sugar and sugar. These days we try to eat less sugar than before, because most of the food have sugar inside. But, sometimes, I crave for something full of sugar like a beautiful Pavlova. This is the second Pavlova that I made. The first one was without sugar, so in the end did not… Continue reading Chocolate Pavlova

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Snowball radishes

Snowball radishes are grown mainly for its small, round root.  The roots of the Snowball radish are creamy white from the skin through to their flesh. The leaves of the Snowball radish are also edible, providing a spicy radish like flavor and textural alternative to the roots. Snowball radishes contain vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, folate,… Continue reading Snowball radishes


The Real Neat Blog Award

Good mother diet has nominated Cooking Without Limits for the Real Neat Blog Award. Good mother diet is a great blog about food and life where you have healthy recipes and also Meatless Monday or Wheatless Wednesday. Check the blog and wait to be surprised. This award is another friendly and light-hearted award to get to know… Continue reading The Real Neat Blog Award

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Roasted eggplant fan

I made this recipe this fall with different type of cheese, each time. Could go very good without the cheese for the vegans or you can add some bacon if you like meat very much. I loved it with salty cheese and no bacon, and as you can see, the presentation makes you eat everything.… Continue reading Roasted eggplant fan