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Blackberry smoothie

I think you are tired of so many smoothie recipes, but, I am thinking about your health and energy so I have another one. We have in our garden blackberries. This is their time so we use them as much as we can fresh,organic and full with aroma. Ingredients: - 1 cup blackberries - 1… Continue reading Blackberry smoothie

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Honeydew melon smoothie

This healthy smoothie makes a great quick breakfast or snack and is  full of healthy ingredients. Is lightly sweet and creamy with a very refreshing flavor, a perfect smoothie for those hot summer days! Ingredients: - 1/2 cups seeded and chopped honeydew melon - 1 peeled banana - 1 cup vanilla soy milk (or yogurt) - 1/2… Continue reading Honeydew melon smoothie

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Small wild berries cakes

In full wild berries season I prepared for my little boy small cakes with wild berries. All natural , all organic, my wild berries from my garden or our around forest are the best for this small cakes. Ingredients: - 5 eggs - 3 tea cups olive oil - 1 cup brown sugar -1 and… Continue reading Small wild berries cakes