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Black cherry pie

It's almost the end of cherries. So before you can't find them at the market I will give you a recipe for pie without sugar. I am trying to cut the white sugar so I am looking for recipes without sugar or with brown sugar, honey or maple syrup. You can change the cherries with… Continue reading Black cherry pie

Photography, Soup

Cold cream red lentils soup with turmeric

I tried to do a red lentil dish. In the end, I got a soup which was so great that I decided to tell you about it. It's better served cold. I tried it both was. Ingredients: - 100 g red lentils - 2 tablespoons turmeric - salt - pepper - juice from a lemon… Continue reading Cold cream red lentils soup with turmeric

Photography, Useful

Wild strawberries

Fresh organic wild strawberries from my garden. The wild strawberry originates from the whole of the Northern Hemisphere, excluding the tropical regions. The strawberry derives its name from the habit of placing straw under the plants to protect the strawberries. Wild strawberries are a common native plant found growing in open fields, woodlands and even… Continue reading Wild strawberries