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Green Algae Salad

Get ready for a really healthy salad. Go green! Go algae green! It is something different, but very tasteful and easy to make. Ingredients: - dried green algae – 1/2 cup (soak green algae  in warm water to cover for 45 minutes – rinse, drain and chop) - 1 tablespoon fresh ginger, grated - 1… Continue reading Green Algae Salad

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Homemade chocolate fudge with almonds

This was my mother recipe for a long time. Is easy to make and very delicious. For this recipe I used baby milk powder (I had left from my little one, since I start giving him cow milk). It taste a little bit different, but is also very good. Ingredients: 300 g powder sugar 100… Continue reading Homemade chocolate fudge with almonds

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Vegetables spring rolls in the oven

This is a vegetarian and healthy spring rolls recipe. I'love spring rolls , but they are full of calories. So I have been thinking for a long time about some spring rolls healthier than the normal ones. So, yesterday, I tried something new and adventures. In the end, they were so great, that I decided… Continue reading Vegetables spring rolls in the oven

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PAPANASI – Romanian dumplings with cheese

I know that you're drooling at the photo below, so let me get down to the business of describing what these tasty-looking fellows are. They are called papanasi and are a famous Romanian dessert. The dough is mixed with a soft creamy cheese, similar to ricotta. It is then deep-fried or boiled ,left like this or  holed… Continue reading PAPANASI – Romanian dumplings with cheese

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Baked apples with almonds

This recipe I love to make at Christmas or Easter. I change a few ingredients and are perfect. Here is the recipe for Easter. Yummy!!!! Ingredients: 4 big apples or 6 small 100 ml milk 4 tablespoons muesli 100 g almonds 2 tablespoons crumbled biscuits 50 ml rum 2 teaspoon cinnamon For the vanilla sauce… Continue reading Baked apples with almonds